About Us

The Miracle of Israel documentary is a project of The Miracle of Israel Foundation. The Miracle of Israel Foundation seeks to inform, encourage and equip people to know and understand the importance of supporting Israel—both the Land and the People.

The Miracle of Israel tells the story of the only nation in the history of the world that has maintained a national identity for centuries without a homeland. The documentary explores four ancient prophecies in light of modern events including:

  • The establishment of the state of Israel in 1948
  • The regathering of the Lost Jewish Tribes to the homeland
  • The rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, and
  • Claims of the coming of the Jewish Messiah
  • The four miracles highlighted in the film are not only distinct threads woven into the fabric and seams of the Jewish people’s survival and restoration, but some say they are proof of prophetic fulfillment that has and will impact the world as it moves toward the Last Days.

    Over a million people viewed the initial airings of The Miracle of Israel. Here are some of the viewer comments about the film:

    Truly, God has shielded this tiny nation and the Jewish People, and this film confirms that fact. The People of Israel will prevail!

    Mary L., Atlanta, GA

    A marvelous testimony to the unfailing faithfulness of G-d toward His people Israel. From the founding of the modern nation, foretold by the ancient scribes and prophets, to the re-gathering of Jewish People of the Diaspora to Palestine, this is a wonderful narrative of undiminished spirit of a People destined to return to their home. Two thumbs up!

    Bill S., Allentown, PA

    This documentary is so thorough and so professional that I would recommend it to anyone interested in knowing the truth about Israel beyond what the secular media has told us.

    Laura F., Houston, TX

    This film has changed my life in so many ways, I wonder if I’m Jewish.

    Paul P., Casper, WY

    Extraordinary! Unexpected! I’m awestruck by this film. I’m so surprised to find information that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Everyone should see this!

    Sarah W., Dallas, TX

    As a Believer for decades, I have to say how surprised I was to find so many prophecies referred to from the Old Testament that clearly point to Jesus being the true Messiah. I’ve been in church all my life and wasn’t aware of that. This film is eye-opening for Believers too.

    Donna S., Billings, MT

    The miracle that IS Israel is simply unlike any other—and I believe in miracles! No one can honestly deny the hand of God on this Land that He set aside as His dwelling place.

    James A., Portland, OR

    I really enjoyed the personal testimonies from people who were actually there during the wars—especially the officer who was wounded, unable to move and saw a bright light from Heaven that lit up the battlefield and caused the Syrian unit to retreat! Amazing!